Month: February 2016

twenty one pilots @mnl

Reading Time: 9 minutes I remember following a mildly popular two-man group from Ohio’s journey this summer, as they released hints on their upcoming album. I traversed back in time, finding my favorite album to be their self-titled, and thoroughly enjoyed their music. But never did I expect for them to stop by our quaint country on their world tour, and never in my life did I feel an immense pressure and need to see them. What resulted was one of the most enjoyable days of my life – the eighteenth of July.

The Quest; January

Reading Time: 6 minutes As with all people treading through the journey of life – of course we seek to become better people, to improve and advance ourselves to be the best we can be. I am no exception, though particularly on a not-so whim, I set 2016 to be the year where I truly change.

writing dump; #1

Reading Time: 12 minutes Teenage prose is raw, filled with emotion, parental problems, pure angst, or perhaps unadultered innocent love in every single beat and strand. These aren’t proofread, written in the spur of the moment and unedited (unless to add more lines) they are the pinnacle of raw feelings, in the loose form of words. Here is a dump of poetry made from about last Christmas day to the seventh of February.