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I’m Chiara Amisola, I go by the alias Chiaski and the nickname Chia. I will master the art of being pure at heart — a godsend, god complex girl.

This blog is a collection of my thoughts, and this site as a whole is a delve into my heart. Most of these aren’t fully fleshed out essays and read more like angsty teen journal entries. It’s an exercise in writing and oversharing that I want to preserve for posterity. While I share some process and announcements on things I build, most of my body of work is located on my main website as a technologist/designer at chia.dev or chia.design (same thing, currently!).

It began in January 2016. There are also some posts here that were recovered from as early as 2009.

If you like my writing or are concerned about me, consider giving me a Ko-fi (ko-fi.com/chiaski). :b

me and sufjan stevens