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Making the choice of technology

A reflection on how I knew I wanted to go into technology since I was a young girl, and why I’m not so sure of that career path anymore. I’ve been having a bad job hunt. It is so bad that I feel like I’m genuinely in the worst state of mind I have ever been in, am dissociating more often, and feel like my self-improvement is simply feeding into this slate that has already run past its time. Lately, I’ve been joking and telling people that I should just become a music journalist. I am likely better at writing than I am at design, though I’m really not too good at either. It seems like I know as much about the music industry than I do the design one, and it feels like I have a perspective to share about it. It feels like it’s something I genuinely want to do. This of course, won’t happen–but it’s sincerely the first time that something has even been at a stage for consideration and commitment: that you know, this is impractical and just as impossible to break into–but given the miracle, I wouldn’t mind doing it for the rest of my life. I think I know why. When I was a young girl, I already knew that I was going to enter the field of technology. I just feared saying it. Like many isolated kids, I spent most of my growing up online. I built things by hand, learning how to code by copy-pasting source codes and fighting with people on chatboxes over the legitimacy of the content I worked on. (I distinctly remember a sixteen-year-old with a WordPress website and domain angered at my offering of four different Pokemon website layouts repurposed from some site’s free website structure. A week later I sat down and learned how to absolutely position my own layout, measuring things with shapes and pixels on Photoshop.) It’s not a new problem for there to be so few ways to explain why this sense of living is so meaningful to me, and how it’s still difficult to describe. I don’t know how to quite explain the impact talking to strangers everyday, losing innocence and making dozens of friends that I sometimes still remember idly had on me. I was wasting time but also consuming the world. I was not outside, I was in this greater, moreMore?

A State, Some Motorcycles, and a Startup

Despite promises to improve the worsening chaos of Manila’s traffic, the Philippine government continues to war with Angkas, showing its true colors. “What do they mean by transportation crisis?” says Presidential Spokesman Salvador Panelo after the breakdown of the LRT-2, a transport line serving 200,000 passengers across Metro Manila. It was eventual that the country would want to slip and weave past the ever-worsening traffic, and with it, the government’s unfulfilled processes. So came motorcycles, a mess, and a discovery of what a startup is. This is a developing story. The most updated version will be on my Medium: