Chia, in Spring

I am doing things, at least I hope so. In the holidays, I did not go home and spent most of my time working (earning money, and working on side projects) and watching a lot of movies. Other things I got into at different points of time were incremental games (quite significantly, as I was trying to piece together what made Universal Paperclips was so different from other games). Leading User Experience Society at Yale — we’re one of few (? the first?) design organizations at Yale. UXSociety is a chapter of an undergraduate design organization first started in Ateneo by Alexis Collado (alexis if you see this i am very worried about meeting your expectations). We have big plans on projects we want to ship, and I have big ideas on how to instill a new design culture across the entire student body. Developh launched a site, is working on a website redesign, and is actually more active in output and impact than ever. With the growth of our leadership and the expansion of our scope and skill, I’m coming to terms with how organizational structures and systems best operate–especially when working with remote teams across shifting cultures–which is a interesting dimension that not a lot of Manila-based people think about. I’m interested in exploring that more since it has been fundamental to my approach and attitudes towards our work, but objectively: the growth of our community and education programs has been amazing. Continuing creative work at the Yale Center for Collaborative Arts & Media, my favorite place on-campus that is still a bit of a secret. I’m organizing Yale’s largest interdisciplinary anti-hackathon! it will be a really cool day of talks, building, and more. There is almost no record of me on-campus. There will be little to no footage of how I have lived here. I will never be able to pick apart these same nights from one another in the most special four years of live. I think that’s incredibly endearing of me—to live so little. Stuff, an interactive fiction page… Future In First Reformed (2017), a main gripe is a character who is an extreme environmental activist (not exaggerated anyway, but raw in despair and so, hauntingly empathetic — someone truly fighting) that believes it’s unjust to bring humans into this dying world. This is a main point of contention until he kills himself. IMore?

IF: Gay girl prays for a gun

Gay girl prays for a gun is an interactive fiction piece mainly about religion and sexuality. I like to think about it as a collection of poems and anecdotes. Play game (direct link)Play on This has been a work in progress for a while, but we’re at a few thousand words and at a state of branching that I think is interesting. Try it out. For more interactive fiction pieces, I’m storing most public works on my Github:

A State, Some Motorcycles, and a Startup

Despite promises to improve the worsening chaos of Manila’s traffic, the Philippine government continues to war with Angkas, showing its true colors. “What do they mean by transportation crisis?” says Presidential Spokesman Salvador Panelo after the breakdown of the LRT-2, a transport line serving 200,000 passengers across Metro Manila. It was eventual that the country would want to slip and weave past the ever-worsening traffic, and with it, the government’s unfulfilled processes. So came motorcycles, a mess, and a discovery of what a startup is. This is a developing story. The most updated version will be on my Medium: