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in the face of infinity

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I went to Australia for a robotics competition. It was simultaneously one of the worst and best experiences in my life. Here’s a video or something about it.

day 5-6; Inner Mongolia

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I learn that I fall in love too easily with things that I’ll never see again. I keep doing so anyway. Overanalyze every detail, take in air over and over again, regret things before the reasons begin to come. Fall in love with nature that has always hidden itself from you that you promise to never lose again, begging to recapture moments and memories in your mind as you had seen them.

I am victim to countless mistakes. The backseat of the bus that bets everything on things beyond — never knowing what they’re truly like.

This is the second and final part of my trip to Inner Mongolia. A wonderful tour, thoughts to keep forevermore and photos to stare at longingly. Apparently, long bus rides are a thing that I enjoy now.


day 1-4; Inner Mongolia

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I visited Inner Mongolia at the end of July to participate in a Robotics competition.

Aside from the sleepless nights, team huddled together in a hotel room with the scent of soldering and endless talking until the words seem to get so muffled and lost, unable to understand anything and everything – realizing we take language for granted — it was beautiful. Waking up every single day to a beating sun that reminded one of home only to be swept with a foreign breeze that was far too cold to be named familiar.