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ambient radio test

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hi! today i ran a little test for my ambient radio idea. brought my micro audio interface and clippy mics to a coffee shop, found a corner, and am typing away..

this is also the first time that i pushed the updates onto chia.audio

to expand:

  • perhaps the ambient radio concept can be in its own space, with many ambient radio recordists. i would like this to be a way for me to hear my other friends, and for their friends to hear them. perhaps we can form an ambient radio collective and take turns broadcasting.. if you want to do this with me, let me know!
  • i’m currently using https://www.radiomast.io/ to host the icecast stream, using ladiocast for broadcasting. i’m too lazy to set up a vps, but if i weren’t, i would use azuracast. might do this soon since it’s so easy to set it up on a digitalocean droplet (but i have to pay right away and radiomast has a 2 week free trial) — if anyone is curious about current infrastructure