We are only moving towards each other

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I made a website over the weekend about a dream I had last Friday that brutalized me and left me crying. It’s a short game / net art piece / narrative vignette thing heavily inspired by Olia Lialina’s work, but more likely to fail. I think this is a more special piece (with more of myself in it) and a nice testimony to a form of web work I have been experimenting with for a while, although obviously imperfect. I think it’s actually decently dense, or maybe it’s nothing. It’s a return to some of my more verbose interactive fiction works if you liked those, though I have never been a good writer.

I will explain more about it when the aftermath of the making hurts less… but maybe you should see it for yourself. See you soon

Play (whenwe.love/moving)
Notice it on itch.io

A dream sequence.
An ever-shifting poem of found images and objects, of infinite structure and worlds, of form and boundary.

( ~15k words, ~15 mins, ??? configurations )

( Play in desktop / Chrome,  dual monitors / browsing other websites might break it. You must enable popups and refresh to confirm it. Your computer might crash if you do not handle the windows well. )

( You may use Backspace and  the Right Arrow Key ⟶ to skip scenes, but it’s encouraged to play through at least once without these. )

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