The Quest; January

As with all people treading through the journey of life – of course we seek to become better people, to improve and advance ourselves to be the best we can be. I am no exception, though particularly on a not-so whim, I set 2016 to be the year where I truly change.

writing dump; #1

Teenage prose is raw, filled with emotion, parental problems, pure angst, or perhaps unadultered innocent love in every single beat and strand. These aren’t proofread, written in the spur of the moment and unedited (unless to add more lines) they are the pinnacle of raw feelings, in the loose form of words. Here is a dump of poetry made from about last Christmas day to the seventh of February.


Just because I wasn’t going to kill myself didn’t mean that sometimes I didn’t want to die. A Splitting of the Mind delves into the psychological burdens and sorrows that we all seek to contain. All bundled up in a My Chemical Romance fiction that centers around the relationship between Gerard Way and Frank Iero.