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Things that I have made. Some are cool, some aren’t. Expect this to grow over the years.
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The Day After [icon name=”book” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]
A poetic interactive of a girl’s post-mortem experiences.

Generic Dating Sim 
Flash game riddled with inside jokes. I am sorry.

Narrative, vague and mysterious episodic that takes form in days.

Made for a school project: exchange is a story of you, a weeaboo — and initial experiences in Japan after being accepted into an exchange program.



(Summer) Song Sorter [Fall Out Boy Lyrics Sorter] 
Tool that lets you narrow and filter down Fall Out Boy’s songs by word, phrase, etc. Self-indulgent and incomplete.



Now-defunct quickly coded experiment: a
never-ending story that anyone could contribute to.

Love Always 
Valentine’s Day experiment quickly
coded in an hour. Unsaid messages of
love, loss, and life.