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For Homura Akemi: A Character Analysis

Reading Time: 14 minutes A work-in-progress Homura Akemi character analysis I wrote for a Discord “waifu competition”. Current reading time: 64 minutes When I was thirteen, my life kind of revolved around a growing feeling of helplessness furthered by a first misinterpreted Evangelion (plus other starter psychological anime) watch. From the teenager I was then, one of the most lasting watches was Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I didn’t know about my complicated feelings towards my gender or sexuality (this crisis would arrive in my late teens), finishing the show and its movies over three days.Obvious Madoka Magica spoilers incoming––please watch the series and its movies if you haven’t yet. Twelve short 20-minute-or-so episodes. It’s not the most groundbreaking dynamic, but the first time it’s presented to you sticks. It traces the familiar feeling of struggle against divinity and time––resilience and war against human mortality. As someone young and unknowingly queer, Madoka Magica was unwittingly the most important thing for me to have watched. I go back to the series every few years – a little older and hopefully wiser …

Tales from Uzushiogakure

Reading Time: 8 minutes I used to scoff a lot at the fact that I had no binding attachment to some oversaturated series on the market. The engorged entitlement in estranged mothers and fathers bringing home Harry Potter box sets or superhero pop figurines to fulfill their childrens’ temporary obsessions didn’t really compare to my interest in just making things on my own, or my faint interest that lacked that touch of physical satiation — the kind that would let me bring the toys to school and gain some self-confidence with that sweet, unrivaled fifteen minutes of classroom fame. After all, when Lisa Frank and sticker-ridden clearbooks lost their marvel, the only thing that could account for such was that market validation. Then, I remember that I did have something in my youth, actually. Except it falls on the entire premise of being a complete and utter weeaboo. I then remember that at age seventeen, I am literally as captive to it as I was at the age of ten. I can’t help but to bring it up due to the …

Zankyou no Terror — OP Analysis

Reading Time: 23 minutes Being an amazing anime, I’ve given Zankyou no terror a ton of praise. Enough of that which I feel is so well-deserved, though a bit overwhelming. Honestly, I hadn’t delved too much into the opening aside from acknowledging the amazing song, but upon rewatching it, I decided to pay more attention at the incredulous amounts of detail that this beauty of an opening holds. Additionally, there is a ton of key information about the anime that comes with the understanding of its opening.