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Anime Recommendations (Part 1)

Reading Time: 9 minutes

I haven’t seen or watched much anime, but there are of course a select few that I really enjoy and would like other people to know about. These aren’t particularly underrated so if you have found a certain niche that you would like; these may not apply that well. I made this short list of three based on anime that I’ve really found enjoyable. Although they aren’t the best or  one of the most extraordinary; they’ve provided a lot of entertainment — enough to make me watch them straight or not to put them off for too long. I’m sure that at least one of these three would appeal to anyone who’s looking for a general recommendation.



Reading Time: 6 minutes

There’s something oddly harrowing about looking back onto the days of your life
when you dedicated it towards something as simple as a pairing;
isn’t that quite the embarrassment?
You look back reflexively and dismiss those days, months, perhaps even a year or more —
as easy as you dismissed the idea of ever giving up on them, back then..