Chia’s (deeper?) Car Seat Headrest cuts recommendations

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First, download the compilation. It’s about 3.7gb zipped entitled Car Seat Headass from my lovely little Google Drive:

Then, play from the Spotify playlist! Make sure you’re on desktop and are all set up with local files. youtube version coming soon maybe

Sourced from the following: The Brodster’s Will Toledo Discography, other albums not on Bandcamp (1, 2, 3, 4, Disjecta, Little Pieces, etc), selected 2020 traitincommon livestream compilations

shout out to will toledo for playing (what i want to believe in my delusional mind) my broken birds request on the 4/30/2020 livestream a day before my bidet. and much love to everyone who knows every album down to the color of the livestream ones lmao

please do not roast me i know some of these are not that deep

here’s the og flowchart i made sometime late november 2020 as a general introduction since a lot of people have been asking for it! i know i am not using the terms properly haha. right-click and open image in new tab for full size or click this

and pic (because asked about) is me meeting will at the 1traitdanger show in queens, ny sometime in feb 2020. i heard about the show on the day itself and hopped on a train from new haven to go see andrew and will 🙂

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