May 20, 2022

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Daily updates to these past few days

All human life comes at the expense of another

I have never been more certain about the meaning of ‘optionality’. This life, mine, is optional——

Too much to redact

My heart
must feel
the very bottom
of spring
it must face
the things it has
always feared (exposure
therapy?) — if you
are so obsessed
with death,
you must
try it.


Keit says:

You okay girl? Just wanna say I’m an 18 year old Vietnamese college freshman who’s been following your blog for quite a while. I am impressed by your writing style and your work. I just hope you’re alright there.

Suzy says:

Sending you some hugs! Long time follower here as well, your style and designs inspire me a lot 🙂 All the best x

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