reader of my blog, i want to talk about blogs

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I want to talk about blogs! I want to make more blogs (including ephemeral, temporary ones) and publish something low-stakes and start a blog ring with everyone who joins in.

This is my corner of the internet — but I would like to learn about yours.

Some things to cover…

  • Why you should blog (do most of you who read this also have your own blogs?)
  • Ways to blog (platforms you can use)
    • (and how to make your blog small, secure, gated, anonymous, etc. in the way you’d like)
    • + starting a commonplace blog with your friends, each as individual authors or sharing one login
  • Making 88×31 buttons and adding each other to a web ring (and what web rings are!)
  • A bit on RSS, if interested
  • Time to make a blog post and silent commenting on each other’s posts

what is keeping you from making a blog. what would you like to learn about blogs? 

alternatively, if you already have a blog you can just use the time to customize your blog or write.. :~)

when should i host it? what should we write about? how would you like to gather?


brian 黃 says:

I always worried, if I wrote a blog, who would read my work?
but maybe, I should have thought instead, who will the author be? and what will he write?

I worried about who would read my work so that I could write something interesting for them.
But maybe I should have worried what interested me instead. What subject might compel me to write? To shout into the void? To wield the power of the pen?

Jonas says:

Literally installed a micro blog placeholder yesterday. What I’ll write about? Oh just you wait, you’ll see 🙂

keit says:

You inspired me to have a blog :o)
I use it as a journal, basically. It’s like a time capsule—something to look back on when I’m no longer the person who wrote that journal. I believe it could be fascinating to my future self

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